Shipping to Canada from USA

In a recent survey, found that Canadians were spending an increasing amount when shopping online, and are warming to the idea of making purchases online.  The survey found that online purchases from US retailers were anticipated to grow by 3% from 2015 to 2016.  In fact, this survey found that the number two shopping site for Canadian consumers, after, was  And, although Amazon and other retailers are expanding to broaden their footprint in Canada, many of their third party sellers either will not ship to Canada, or charge exorbitant shipping costs to do so.  This, despite the fact that shipping between the US and Canada is fairly reasonable and affordable.  So how can Canadian consumers purchase from these retailers, without paying for high markups on shipping costs?  The answer is Good Buy Mate!

Nearly 60% of online purchases by Canadians were made with retailers outside Canada, and the most-often cited reason for purchasing from the United States was product availability—Canadians simply could not find the product they wanted from a Canadian retailer!  What’s more, the biggest frustration voiced by consumers in this survey was the high shipping rates charged by many retailers.  Good Buy Mate can help Canadian shoppers with this problem!

Good Buy Mate has negotiated steep discounts with FedEx for shipping to Canada, which we pass on to our customers.  Additionally, we charge you the counter rate for shipments via the US postal service, and do not include any markups if you opt for USPS.  We know that you already have the potential to save hundreds—or even thousands—of dollars when shopping with US retailers, and our job is to help you save money!

Simply request a free, no-obligation quote and, within 24 business hours, we will send you a total, complete quote to purchase the item you are interested in, along with shipping costs to Canada using your preferred shipping method.  If you like the quote, just click the Pay button!  We will take care of everything else, from purchasing the item on your behalf to arranging shipment of the item to your home or office.  If the quote is not quite what you were hoping, you are under no obligation to pay!  Our aim is to make shopping with US retailers as easy and painless as possible.

We know that over 90% of Canadian consumers prefer to pay with credit card, so we make it easy for you to pay by accepting all major credit card brands.  If you prefer to pay with bank wire or cheque we can arrange this as well—we want to make your buying experience with us easy and seamless!

From Vancouver to Montreal, and everywhere in between, Good Buy Mate aims to serve our Canadian customers with speed and accuracy, all with a personal touch!  We have been shipping to Canada for over ten years.  We know the strong Canadian dollar can lead to some great deals, so why wait—request your order quote today!