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About Good Buy Mate

A Simple eBay Sale… Good Buy Mate was founded in the process of a simple eBay sale. Our founder, Brian, sold an item to a customer in Australia, who mentioned that he was seeking to buy a laptop that he could not source for a decent price in Australia. And, although he had found a US vendor who had the computer he wanted, they were asking an exorbitant rate to ship the item to Australia.

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Why Good Buy Mate

We offer services that other purchasing and forwarding services cannot, including:

Shipping Rates

We works hard to provide a wide range of shipping options, so that you can find the one that best fits your needs!


Shop your favorite USA vendors for a flat $9.99 fee per vendor on orders under $200, or $9.99 plus 4% per vendor on orders over $200*, using Good Buy Mate’s Purchasing Service!

Choose your preferred shipping method and have your American purchases delivered to your door!

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Shipping to Canada from USA

In a recent survey, Internetretailer.com found that Canadians…

What Our Customer Says..

“Good Buy Mate’s service is valued too much for those of us who live in countries to whom PayPal is just a myth Viva la Good Buy Mate!”


“Good Buy Mateis an expert in the field of internet shopping and parcel forwarding from the USA to the rest of the world, giving people the opportunity of shopping from US retailers for items that are hard to find elsewhere. This valuable service not only helps shoppers from around the world but strengthens the US economy by providing numerous additional customers. He has always offered a cost effective and efficient service and I am proud to have been his customer for several years.”