About Good Buy Mate –
A Simple eBay Sale

Good Buy Mate was founded in the process of a simple eBay sale. Our founder, Brian, sold an item to a customer in Australia, who mentioned that he was seeking to buy a laptop that he could not source for a decent price in Australia.

And, although he had found a US vendor who had the computer he wanted, they were asking an exorbitant rate to ship the item to Australia. The Idea Grows… From this, Brian had an idea.

Why not offer a simple, international purchasing service that would open the US marketplace up to those who could not access it for one reason or another? And why not offer this service at a low price, with reasonable shipping rates?.

With an idea in hand, the business started—again, with a simple advertisement on eBay. The Business Thrives… Since these early days, Good Buy Mate has expanded to serve thousands of customers in over 80 countries. These customers have used us because either a vendor would not ship to their address, would not accept international payments, or because the vendor was charging high rates for a simple shipment. From Australia to Burundi, Canada to Deutschland, and everywhere in between, we have been making customers (and their wallets) happy since 2001.

We hope you’ll give us a chance and experience the Good Buy Mate difference!